21 FEBRUARY 2023

Why waste and resources managers should be thinking about repair

United Kingdom
From 21/02/2023 14:00:00 to 21/02/2023 15:00:00 local time
  • In the 1940s when resources were scarce, repair and re-use used to be a common practice in the society, which has got lost in time. This needs to be revived if we are serious in our transition towards a circular economy, since it would prevent a lot of materials from ending up in a disposal system.


    Household waste and recycling centres (HWRCs) could play a major role in promoting repair, adapting to meet the changing sector needs and customer demands. As the policy landscape continues to evolve with an increased emphasis on carbon reduction and waste prevention, we need to rethink the valuable role HRWC’s play in terms of supporting a growing repair agenda. There is a real opportunity to evolve HWRCs into places where reuse and repair are the norm rather than the exception.


    But what does this mean in reality – can a busy, multi-functional HWRC really fit repair activities into its often-restricted footprint? Should a local authority invest their time and energy into scaling-up reuse and repair when budgets are stretched, and significant policy changes are on the horizon?


    Join us as we seek answers and gain insights with our expert panel.

  • Speakers

    • Dr Adam Read, Chief External Affairs and Sustainability Officer, SUEZ
    • Annette Dentith, Principal Waste Officer (Policy), Devon County Council
    • Phoebe Brown, Director, Repair Café Wales
    • Sarah Ottaway, Sustainability and Social Value Lead, SUEZ
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