3 APRIL 2023

Re-use: a missed opportunity

From 03/04/2023 14:00:00 to 03/04/2023 15:00:00 local time
  • Making reuse and repair economically viable and a normal part of everyday behaviour needs scale, accessibility, and connectivity. In our previous webinars, we discussed the here and now, from setting up a reuse shop at your local Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs), to building repair services to support your customer demands locally.


    Now, in the finale of our series of reuse and repair webinars, we look to the future and the opportunities for local authorities, businesses, individuals, and the environment through upscaling our current system.


    This session will explore the next steps in the evolution of local authority supported reuse and repair services: networks which operate across local boundaries, how to support and enable local businesses to establish and grow; and how these parts can see the engagement with reuse and repair increase, with significant environmental, social, and economic benefits across the value chain.


    Join our expert panellists as they discuss the potential for future collaboration and expansion both locally and nationally, and how we can create a system that captures and preserves the value of an item, creates skilled jobs, and enables businesses to thrive, provides people with high quality pre-loved items when and where they want them, and moves valuable resources higher up the waste hierarchy.

  • Speakers

    • Dr Adam Read, Chief External Affairs and Sustainability Officer, SUEZ
    • Cris Stevenson, Chief Executive Officer, Environcom
    • Paul Morgan, Head of Commercial Services, Greater Manchester Combined Authority
    • Bettina Gilbert, Head of Technical Support and Financial Mechanisms, WRAP
    • Sarah Ottaway, Sustainability and Social Value Lead, SUEZ
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