Rethinking materials innovation and investment summit

Hilton London Bankside, United Kingdom
  • ‘Rethinking materials’ is an international innovation and investment summit that showcases and connects pioneering companies reimagining how materials in consumer products and packaging are produced, consumed, repurposed, and financed. Now in its third year, the summit presents perspectives from brands and corporate leaders facing big questions on sustainability, business continuity, and regulatory requirements.


    Dr Adam Read, Chief External Affairs and Sustainability Officer for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK with other industry experts, will join the opening panel on day two to discuss on the topic ‘Regulation and legislation: how to comply with fast-changing legislation’. The panel will discuss the potential of creating a more collaborated approach to policy, legislation, and metrics across nations, challenges in communicating mass balance to end users, how can brands stay on top of the changing boundaries on materials legislation and recyclability on a global scale, and impact of European Plastic Tax as well as other related topics.

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