25 JULY 2023

Effective waste prevention strategies for the public sector

United Kingdom
From 25/07/2023 14:00:00 to 25/07/2023 15:00:00 local time
  • To achieve a truly circular economy, we need to prevent waste being created in the first place and improve our resource efficiency, but neither are as straightforward as they may seem.


    When it comes to policy, waste prevention can feel like recycling’s poor relation, but if we are serious about developing a more resource efficient economy to support our net zero ambition, this needs to change.


    The lack of policy doesn’t have to be a barrier to acting now. SUEZ has commissioned a new waste prevention guide for local authorities to help drive change in the absence of policy. Our guide aims to help you make informed decisions about possible interventions, campaigns, messaging, and service changes so you can start making a difference today. The guide builds upon the report we launched last year ‘Stuff of Life’ ,which identified opportunities for reducing consumption and preventing waste at home and provides a huge amount of insight and reflection about activities undertaken by local authorities to drive down waste arising from day-to-day activities.


    Join our webinar, during which the panel of experts will present the waste prevention toolkit and reflect on how it might best support the work of local authorities as they look to encourage, empower, and deliver waste prevention through their households and local businesses.

  • Speakers

    Dr Adam Read, Chief External Affairs and Sustainability Officer, SUEZ

    Sarahjane Widdowson, Director, Intelisos

    Steve Palfrey, Assistant Director for Waste and Environment, Suffolk County Council

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