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Launch of new waste and recycling services for Calderdale

Calderdale residents are being reminded that they will soon be able to recycle even more at home, as new waste and recycling services are being introduced from Monday 01 August 2016.

Calderdale Council and SUEZ recycling and recovery UK are busy preparing for the changes, which include 17 new recycling vehicles that can collect a wider range of materials.

Residents will continue to use their existing recycling boxes and sacks, but will be able to add more to them – brown / corrugated cardboard, plastic pots, tubs and trays, Tetra Pak cartons and small electrical equipment – in addition to the usual cans, glass and plastic bottles, jars, newspapers, magazines, textiles and food.

Cllr Barry Collins, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development, said:

“We’re really pleased to give residents the chance to recycle more items than ever before. Calderdale has a great track record of recycling, and we’re doing all we can to make it easier for everyone to do their bit for the environment. Remember to keep recycling weekly, no matter how few items you’re putting out for collection.”

Nick Browning, SUEZ General Manager – Municipal Operations said:

“From the start of August we will expand the range of materials that residents are able to recycle at the kerbside, broaden the delivery of recycling services to residents living in flats and deliver improved efficiencies through the introduction of changes to the day on which many residents have their waste and recycling collected.

“Whilst there will be a period in which everyone adjusts, we have prepared measures to limit the impact of any disruption and we ask residents for their patience as we implement changes that will deliver long term benefits and cost savings to the borough through an improved waste and recycling collection service for everyone.”

Information is being delivered to all homes in Calderdale in the run-up to the launch of the new services. This includes a list of all the items that can be recycled; which boxes / sacks they should be placed into; and details of any changes to the days that residents’ waste and recycling will be collected from 01 August 2016.

The widespread changes to collection dates are necessary to deliver all of the new services efficiently and to take into account growth in housing and population over the last decade.

It is possible that some residents might experience a one-off delay in the time between their refuse collections as a result of the changes to collection days. Those affected will be contacted separately.

The recycling collection services delivered to flats is also being broadened, increasing the range of materials collected to include plastics, cardboard and Tetra Pak cartons.

As so much more will be collected on the weekly recycling service, residents who do not have a wheelie bin but receive a sack collection instead, will see a slight reduction in the amount of waste that is taken on their fortnightly refuse collection, which will be a maximum of four bags. This is comparable to the current wheelie bin capacity.

All of the changes to the waste and recycling collection services are part of the new eight-year contract between Calderdale Council and SUEZ, which will save money by providing more efficient and cost-effective services.

For more information about the changes, head to and follow @recycle_waste on Twitter for updates.

From the end of July people can confirm their bin collection day online at They can also sign up to receive reminders about their waste and recycling days and any changes due to bank holidays by visiting the online collection day finder.