SUEZ responds to publication of the UK government industrial strategy green paper

David Palmer-Jones, CEO of SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, said:

“We welcome the Government’s commitment to promote well-functioning markets for secondary raw materials, the key foundation for the UK’s ability to create a low-carbon, resource efficient economy.

SUEZ is already working with manufacturers, retailers and intensive energy industrials from the likes of Renault to CEMEX to allow for a more efficient consumption and re-use of materials use across the whole supply chain.

Businesses across all sectors in the UK are become increasingly aware of the value to their bottom line and efficiency in having a circular economy where waste is minimised, energy costs controlled and producers are able to rely on quality secondary raw materials within the supply chain.

The opportunity afforded by the industrial strategy to seize the potential economic opportunities offered by the resource management sector is there for the taking. SUEZ will demonstrate just how much our sector can offer each of the 10 pillars, cutting right across industry, in our consultation response, while we continue to lobby for a more substantive role in the next iteration of the strategy.”

Today’s disruptive business models will rapidly become tomorrow’s norms and SUEZ is keen to help both Government and businesses at all stages innovate and rethink their approach to waste, energy and resource consumption.”