SUEZ talk Satellites with WET News

Nick Haskins, Business Development Manager of SUEZ Water UK, said: “As water becomes increasingly scarce, we will no doubt see more innovations that can deliver water-saving solutions in an efficient and cost-effective way. Satellite leak detection, with its many capabilities, is doing just that.”

Satellite Leak Detection, a SUEZ technology, is hailed for being innovative and ground-breaking as it makes its way from one water utility to the next, delivering on its promise of covering over 3000km² in land per image while producing points of interest for potential leaks.

Nick Haskins sat down with WET News, sister company to WWT Magazine, to discuss the steps involved in detecting water leaks from 620km above Earth.

From image acquisition and analysis to on-ground findings, this SUEZ solution is capable of analysing entire water distribution systems in one go, as well as picking up on very small leaks that might otherwise go undetected. The technology allows for water utilities to be more proactive in their search for leaks and background losses.

In collaboration with Utilis Corporation, SUEZ offer the patented solution to utilities in the UK and Ireland.