Street Art Project on Mobile Unit Container

The Street Art Project is a SUEZ initiative that introduces improved visual integration of our mobile treatment units with the local environment, promote our commitment to protecting natural resources and the environment.

At the end of April 2018, one of our Mobile Units from Peterborough travelled to Lyon, and was decorated with an original street-art creation, by the Collective of artists LyonBombing. The theme that was chosen as most appropriate for this project is based on the suez4ocean initiative, that is a project that invites all SUEZ employees, their friends and families, customers and partners to participate in the largest waste collection organized in the world! Teams around the world are encouraged to organise waste collections of plastic waste that litters our oceans and rivers.

Preserving the world’s oceans is a major commitment of the group, included in the SUEZ’s 2017-2021 Sustainable Development Road Map. Located at the centre of water and waste challenges, SUEZ today uses its expertise to help shape local public policies that limit pollution of the marine environment by human activity. We supply our customers with tangible solutions that limit terrestrial sources of pollution by changing the conception of the waste life cycle to a more circular model and by making the cities’ water networks more intelligent.

We also work alongside Expédition 7ème Continent and Expédition MED, to organise expeditions, in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and the Mediterranean Sea. The objective is to study the scope of plastic pollution in the oceans, secure media coverage of the phenomenon to alert the international community and launch concrete initiatives.