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SUEZ introduces new-look fleet to promote #suez4ocean

A fleet of 41 new commercial collection vehicles has taken to the streets dressed in bold new livery showcasing SUEZ’s global commitment to protecting our oceans and raising awareness for the ongoing #suez4ocean campaign.

The new designs feature full-wrap images that bring the beauty of nature to unexpected places and serve as a reminder of the vital role that waste management plays in keeping our planet clean and our waterways free of plastic.

Together with the two #suez4ocean designs, there are four additional liveries designed to spark a nation-wide discussion and celebrate the hard work required to manage resources responsibly. These four designs use photography that features waste as art and incorporate bright, surprising pops of colour to spread positivity.

Each of the six unique designs incorporates a special hashtag to encourage passers-by to engage directly with SUEZ via social media, inviting the public to join a conversation on how we can work together to create a world where there is no more waste.

36 of the new lorries are 26-tonne Mercedes-Benz Econic models, featuring rear proximity driver assistance safety system with auto-brake application to mitigate reversing accidents and on-board telematics for route optimisation, reporting and driver behaviour management. The vehicles are also equipped with AMCS bin ID and weighing system, certified for pay-by-weight operation. So far, 28 have already hit the road with eight more due to be released later in the year. There will also be five new Hillend Engineering EHP Front End Loaders joining the fleet.

These 41 new vehicles will be distributed across the United Kingdom and signal the start of an ongoing nation-wide engagement campaign, with more to follow. If you spot one of the new vehicles on the road, tweet a photo to @suezUK and share your thoughts with the hashtag.

Naomi Jones, Director of Communications for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, said: “By unveiling a new visual identity that is fresh, on-trend and thought provoking, we want to bring an often invisible service into the spotlight, drawing attention to the front-line collection work that helps to keep our waste responsibly contained and protects the environment by making the best use of every resource.

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