Giving something back

SUEZ awards over £20,000 to green projects in Doncaster

The first awards from the SUEZ Doncaster Environment Fund have been made this week, with over £20,000 being distributed to community groups delivering green projects in Doncaster.

The Doncaster Environment Fund has been created from revenue generated from the recycling of textiles and electrical items in Doncaster. Local organisations were invited to apply to the new fund for projects that improved the local natural environment, reduced waste or increased recycling.

The awarding panel – made up of representatives of SUEZ, Doncaster Council and the Doncaster Free Press – made nine awards to local groups, including: £1,000.00 to Fishlake Playing Fields Action Group to develop a wildflower meadow; £1,977.68 to 4 Streets One Community, a community initiative to maintain clean, tidy and safe streets; and £5,000 to Arksey Primary to develop a community garden.

Applicants to the Doncaster Environment Fund were invited to a special Doncaster Environment Forum on Tuesday (16 July 2019) to learn more about recycling and to pick up their cheques.

Speaking at the Doncaster Environment Forum, SUEZ’s Contract Manager, Victoria Crabtree, said: “We have a long history in Doncaster and are delighted to be able to play our part in the community and support a number of green projects in the town. We were overwhelmed by the number of applications to the fund – whilst we were unable to support every project, we will be opening the fund again next year.”

David Kessen, Community Engagement Editor at the Doncaster Free Press, said: "The quality of the applications for the grants was extremely high, and the work that they show is being done to improve the environment in our communities is quite inspirational. Deciding winners from such a high quality field was a tough task. We are always keen to support those who are making Doncaster a better place."

Cllr Chris McGuinness from Doncaster Council said: “I'd like to congratulate applicants who have been successful in securing funds to carry out recycling projects in their local area. This is the first time that SUEZ has run the scheme in Doncaster and we hope that it continues to grow as the wider community do their bit to reduce waste across the borough."