Recycling and recovery

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK secures Gold Medal EcoVadis rating in first year of assessment

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK receives a Gold Medal as a recognition of its EcoVadis rating - the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings
  • EcoVadis assess a global network of more than 100,000+ rated companies
  • SUEZ scored 72 out of 100 putting it within the top 3% of companies rated in the sector
  • SUEZ is recognised as advanced in terms of its sustainability performance

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK has been awarded a prestigious 2023 EcoVadis Gold medal for its achievements in sustainability and has been recognised as advanced in its performance.

This is the first year of SUEZ’s assessment by EcoVadis and the score 72 out of 100 rates SUEZ within the top 3% of companies rated in the materials recovery industry - SUEZ is also in the top 1% of companies rated by EcoVadis for its Environment score.

EcoVadis assess a global network of more than 100,000+ rated companies and monitor sustainability in global supply chains, providing a clear picture of a company’s sustainability performance. The EcoVadis assessment process assesses companies' policies and actions as well as their published reporting related to 21 issues across four key themes: the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

Each company receives a scorecard which rates its performance in these key areas. The scorecard provides SUEZ’s customers with a clear view of the company’s sustainability credentials and its dedication to sustainable business practices throughout its operations.

To achieve a Gold medal, companies must have an overall score of 70-78. The assessment also results in recommendations where appropriate to outline opportunities to improve the sustainability performance of a company, which SUEZ is currently reviewing.

Leigh Broadhurst, Environment and Sustainable Development Lead at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK commented: “Our rating is a clear example of our commitment to sustainable business practices and our People, Planet, Profit, triple bottom line approach. Protecting the environment is at the heart of what we do as a business and environmental responsibility is embedded in our business model and strategy as we sustain the value of resources, conserve natural capital and enable the circular economy.

"In all our services, we strive to go above and beyond by surpassing environmental standards wherever we operate, reducing our resource use and decarbonising our activities. We’re delighted to be recognised for our achievements in this area and look forward to further opportunities to enhance our sustainability performance.”