Recycling and recovery

Bin men, bin women, have you any trash?

Yes sir, yes sir, a full bin at last. One for the recycling, one for the waste, and one for the compost, so nothing goes to waste. Nursery children in Northampton were treated to a special visit from SUEZ recycling and recovery UK in May to support them in their lessons around recycling ahead of World Environment Day.

Davey Daycare reached out to local waste management business SUEZ, who operate Brackmills Transfer Station in Northampton, handling general waste from West Northamptonshire residents. SUEZ was also recently awarded a contract by Milton Keynes City Council to collect waste, keep streets clean, and maintain council owned green spaces and play areas.

As the children were learning about the importance of recycling, and its link to the environment, they were delighted to receive a visit from a real-life bin crew and their collection vehicle to see how it works and hear about what happens to the rubbish that goes inside it.

Lisa Davey from Davey Daycare said, “I want to say a big thank you to SUEZ for organising the bin lorry visit for the children. Your generosity and effort created an unforgettable experience for them, they were talking about it all afternoon! We deeply appreciate your support and the time you took to enrich our nursery activities.”

The crew even received some hand drawn bin lorries in thanks, which have been pinned up at their base in Brackmills.

Pete Cundall, Principal Commercial Manager at SUEZ said, “It was great to be able to visit Davey Daycare and teach the kids all about recycling and how it helps to protect our environment. We are planning another visit to run an interactive recycling and reuse session for the children later in the year. Educating the next generation about these important issues is essential and we hope to run similar sessions with other educational providers in the region soon.”

SUEZ have a library of educational resources available on their website tailored to different age groups and school stages, as well as a range of visitor and education centres around the country at a variety of facilities.

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