Recycling and recovery

Supplier awards 2022

We held our second annual supplier awards ceremony at the Renew Hub Manchester on 31 January 2023. Our CEO John Scanlon presented awards to the suppliers to recognise those that had delivered excellent service in 2022 and worked in partnership with SUEZ to achieve our goals.

We had 16 suppliers nominated and 8 suppliers were presented with awards across 5 categories.

Protecting the environment

A supplier that has helped SUEZ improve our environmental performance (e.g. reduced our resource consumption, prevented waste being created or reused items instead of recycling/disposing of them, reduced our carbon emissions, improved biodiversity, etc.).

Highly Commended: G&P services a garden company in Devon that has helped maintain the green spaces and increase the biodiversity.

Winner: Code 7 Consulting, who have provided ecological advice and land restoration consultancy services for landfill sites in Cornwall. They pioneered the fast-growing nurse grass in SUEZ landfill restorations, binding the soils over their first winter to minimise erosion issues and provide protection for the slower growing heathland seed mixes. They also collected heather seed from sustainable local sources, having a great impact on improving biodiversity at the sites.


Creating social value

A supplier that has helped SUEZ increase our social value (e.g. increased their use of SMEs or social enterprises, upskilled or actively supported their employees, such as via health or wellbeing initiatives, provision of training or promotion of job roles for interns, apprentices, graduates).

Manchester Bike Kitchen who run the bike repair pod in the Renew Hub Manchester. They have repaired almost 1000 bikes via their pod in 2022 which has generated c£60k revenue which gets paid back to charity by SUEZ. This diverts bikes from landfill, treatment and recycling and given another life. Many bikes donated to local community groups, schools and families for free. Provide free workshops for local residents, councils and community groups in bike maintenance and safe cycling. Employ young people through the governments kick start scheme.

Manchester Bike Kitchen were also named overall Supplier of the Year at the ceremony.

Recycling Lives who manage the electrical appliances pod in the Manchester Renew Hub and the woodwork pod. In 2022 they processed 4000 items which has diverted 3.5 tonnes of electrical equipment from disposal or recycling. Instead they have been cleaned, inspected, repaired, PAT tested so they can be reused. The revenue from all the items sold contributed to local charities, in 2022 this has contributed £80,000. They also work with local prisons so that inmates can come and work in the pod so they can learn new skills, an essential part of ex-offenders rehabilitation. The national reoffending rate is 40% whereas for those who successfully complete their RL programme this reduces to 6%.We have also worked with RL to provide work experience to people on probation, 9 people have been through the programme and 8 have gone on to full time employment (5 with SUEZ).


Improving health, safety and wellbeing

A supplier that has worked with SUEZ to improve our safety and wellbeing performance, such as by sharing best practices, lessons learnt or innovations with SUEZ to support health and safety.

Winner: GoldenTree CIC, who have delivered training around wellbeing and mental health awareness, bespoke programme for Wellbeing Ambassadors, webinars for Friday Wellness for All programme, worked on the Drivers CPC course and provided consultancy for the Wellbeing support guide for managers as well as FAFMH programme and ASIST suicide prevention courses. “Simon Richardson has been instrumental in guiding SUEZ UK through our wellbeing journey, ensuring we create a culture of open and honest conversations around wellbeing so that our people can thrive and be their best self”. The wellbeing programme has helped us ensure that overall absence didn’t increase during the pandemic and reduced the long term absence from 2019 to 2021.


Continuous improvement

A supplier that has worked with SUEZ to improve a product or service with tangible results.

Winner: Rainham Industrial Services, through regular SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) meetings we have looked closely at innovation and continuous improvement including a review of ‘Fixed’ Scaffolding and introduction of NICO Beams at Tees Valley and Wilton shutdowns which eliminates the required usage of hiring in cranes and also introduction of mobile elevating work platforms which eliminate the need for scaffolding. This both increases value and safety.


Excellent collaboration

A supplier that has worked in partnership with SUEZ to achieve a shared goal.

Highly commended: Monarch Chemicals, the chemical shortages in 2022 affected many supply chains due to the many difficult supply conditions. During that time Monarch continued to deliver raw materials to Surrey. Monarch and SUEZ communicate regularly in partnership to discuss product availability, pricing variances and other general market updates. This has enabled the site adapt their operations to keep the plant online. Monarch have also assisted other SUEZ sites during difficult periods when their orders would have otherwise been unfulfilled.

Winner: Smart Solutions, who have worked with Skillcert UK, SUEZ & DWP to recruit people in the 2 week environmental sector based work academy programme in Birmingham. This supports unemployed people to gain an overview and introduction to knowledge, skills and behaviours to build a career in the sector. Learners receive a nationally recognised qualification in environmental sustainability, an industry-based work placement and a job interview. 18 candidates have passed through the scheme in Landor St. MRF and offered employment, we are planning to extend the scheme to Avonmouth MRF.


We will be asking for nominations for 2023 later this year so if you think your company is delivering a service to SUEZ that is worth of an award then speak to your contacts at SUEZ and you may receive a nomination for 2023.