Recycling and recovery

SUEZ launches a new contract in Milton Keynes

Following a comprehensive mobilisation period over the summer, we were pleased to officially announce the commencement of our new municipal collection and street cleansing contract with Milton Keynes City Council.

As part of the new service provision, Milton Keynes City Council delivered 300,000 new wheeled bins to the residents of Milton Keynes ready for collection with a new ultra-modern fleet of 65 RCVs. With a further 64 vehicles allocated to street cleansing, grounds maintenance and play areas, SUEZ vehicles are becoming a familiar sight in the region.

Each vehicle is equipped with 360-degree cameras on board to improve safety and record any issues, as well as electric bin lifts to cut fuel consumption and emissions. In addition to this, approximately 25% of the fleet is electric to reduce local carbon emissions, aligning with our ‘People, Planet, Profit’ ethos.

The shiny new vehicles were effectively deployed to fulfil contract requirements and to ensure continuity of service from Monday 04 September 2023.

An additional 250 employees were welcomed and trained in SUEZ’s municipal services as part of the contract, servicing around 119,000 households across Milton Keynes. The contract start coincides with the households moving to wheeled bins, which will be better for the local environment by reducing street litter, limiting capacity to increase recycling rates and improving the quality of recyclable materials.

The contract between Milton Keynes City Council and SUEZ is for five years, with the possibility of a further five-year extension, to provide household collections of recycling, garden, food and residual waste.

We are very grateful to our suppliers who have helped ensure a smooth mobilisation, in particular our Fleet suppliers and our PPE, workwear and consumables suppliers who helped ensure we had the vehicles on time and all the new employees had the appropriate workwear.

Daniel Gillert, Regional Business Manager for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK said: "After a very comprehensive mobilisation period over the summer, which saw the arrival of new state-of-the-art vehicles and 250 new staff members at SUEZ, we’re all excited about what the future will bring for us here in Milton Keynes and we’ve hit the ground running.

"SUEZ is in a great position to support Milton Keynes in its ambition to have Britain’s greenest weekly waste and recycling collections, and we’re confident that together we can reduce carbon emissions for the city and help people recycle more confidently."