Our offer covers a large portfolio of solutions that enables sustainable management of resources, conformity with regulations and contributes to a circular economy
Recycling, recovery and waste management

Turn waste into new resources

We draw on our wide-ranging expertise and services to manage your waste more cost-effectively and comply with all regulations, as we turn waste into new resources and contribute to a circular economy.
Resources management consulting

With our customers and partners, we design and implement solutions that optimise the use of resources. Our ambition: to improve economic, environmental and social performance.
Water management

SUEZ in the UK operates across all sectors of industry, commerce and the public sector, delivering solutions that improve the productivity, quality and profitability of water-based products and services.

Laboratory and technical services

Our laboratory and technical services division, previously known as Latis Scientific and DETS, offers a broad range of accredited analytical testing. Our services extend across the UK and, through our network of laboratories, we are able to support a wide range of testing requirements.
Pipework cleaning

Our innovative network cleaning solution, Ice Pigging™, uses a thick ice slurry to remove sediment and built-up deposits that accumulate in pipework. Faster and effective for all diameters, our solution is a low-risk way to improve water quality within the network with minimal risk of damage to pipes.