What are we proposing to build?

We are proposing to:

  • Create a parking area for 38 trucks.
  • Build an office for staff to manage the fleet of vehicles.
  • Create space for more staff parking.


This would allow our depot in Cowhorn to close with all activities relocated to the Sort It recycling centre and Waste Transfer Station at Carsons Road in Mangotsfield.


The 38 trucks we plan to relocate already tip their loads of recycling at Mangotsfield Waste Transfer Station, so the site will not have any additional waste or recycling dropped off because of the relocation.


Overall, the development would cover approximately 1 hectare of land (equivalent to just under 2 football pitches) within South Gloucestershire’s existing site boundary. The new office and welfare building will be two storey portable cabin units.

Site plan for the proposed development

Why do we want to relocate to Mangotsfield?

The vehicles we are relocating already tip off at the Carsons Road site, so the move will reduce the mileage and reduce our impact on the environment as well as making our waste and recycling collections more efficient.


    What operations would move to Mangotsfield?

    The waste and recycling collection vehicles currently based at a separate depot in Cowhorn, Warmley. These vehicles are used to collect waste and recycling from households across South Gloucestershire.

    Responsible neighbours

    We are committed to being a good neighbour and with our in-house teams, we specialise in environmental compliance. We have a strong track record in compliance in South Gloucestershire.


    Ecological surveys have been carried out on the site to understand the impact of the proposal on biodiversity.


    The site has been designed to preserve the line of trees between the land for the new depot and the existing waste transfer station and Sort It recycling centre . We will be using a no dig option to preserve the trees were the new and current site access roads meet. This means a grid system will be put in place which will protect the roots of the established trees.


    If successful, we will also install biodiversity enhancements either on site or within in the wider area including:

    • Creation of habitat for insects and bugs
    • Installing nest boxes to the buildings and trees on site for birds and bats


    In addition to this, SUEZ has an active network of sustainability champions who take action at a local level to improve our impact on the environment. This includes undertaking biodiversity and sustainability audits yearly to understand how the site is performing and how this can be improved. For example, the creation of wildflower meadows, ensuring sustainable procurement of products on site, and repurposing as much as possible.

    What is the timeline for this project?

    We plan to submit our planning application to South Gloucestershire Council in November 2023 and are hoping for a decision to be made by early 2024. If we are successful, we hope to start construction in mid-2024 with the overall development taking around 10 months.


    We recently held a short briefing for local stakeholders to explain the proposal in a bit more detail. The presentation slides can downloaded here. Please let us know if you have any questions or queries via the feedback form.