The mission

Environmental compliance is a top priority for British Airways. As such, the business aims to give each of their nine locations the ability to manage the site processes, ensuring consistency in compliance and staying up-to-date with legislation.


The Environmental Compliance team at British Airways required a process that would enable them to monitor compliance at multiple sites and help present data to the rest of the business including the board of directors.

Our solution

SUEZ.scope™ developed a bespoke tool that tests on-site compliance and helps assess each site's environmental and health and safety performance of their waste management activities and whether the site is compliant with the latest legislation.


A draft of the compliance checklist has been created by the team, using their exclusive access to specialists and industry experts within wider SUEZ Group. The team worked closely with dedicated professionals from hazardous waste, safety, health, and environmental quality as well as the internal audit teams.


An initial trial of the checklist was tested at the British Airways Maintenance site in Cardiff.

By completing the checklist in a live environment, site employees were able to learn in real-time what the tool was testing, and why it was an important element of their compliance improvement process.


Instant feedback from site employees provided the team with insight crucial to creating a solution that is tailored to the customer's needs. SUEZ.scope made the compliance checklist as user-friendly as possible and the design enabled effective communication at all levels within British Airway's business.

The results

Compliance issues are now easily identified and communicated to the site managers, allowing them to take action immediately. The checklist records can be tracked by British Airways corporate team and reported regularly to the board, ensuring the compliance goal is consistently met on each site.


The collaboration between SUEZ.scope and British Airways Maintenance created a bespoke and agile solution, as the checklist can be tailored to the specific compliance problems that the sites face. It has also allowed SUEZ.scope to spot common problem areas and develop training and procedural support to the site leads.


The checklist was shared with the Environmental Compliance Manager for distribution amongst the other maintenance sites, ensuring they all receive standardised support.

We have valued the time SUEZ.scope™ invested in developing this bespoke Compliance Checklist to reflect our maintenance operations across the UK.
Compliance is a business non-negotiable for British Airways. SUEZ.scope™ has given us the tools to enable a standardised approach to waste management compliance across the business. We are now also able to communicate our performance to all areas of the business.

Pam Lovell-Environmental Compliance Manager | British Airways Maintenance

maintenance sites have the checklist implemented
questions within the checklist, split between 4 sections
legislative frameworks used