The mission

To support the island’s waste management strategy by recovering energy from waste

The Manx government’s goal is to create a zero waste society. Its integrated waste management strategy aims to increase levels of recycling, build infrastructure to increase self-sufficiency, and develop techniques to deal with special wastes, while applying the producer-pays principle to minimise waste.

Our solution

SUEZ built and now operates an energy-from-waste facility for the island

The Richmond Hill facility supports the island’s integrated waste management strategy by treating residual waste as a resource – helping the island to maximise its self-sufficiency and recover value in the form of energy.

With state-of-the-art technology and an on-site laboratory, the facility ensures the highest environmental and operational standards are maintained.

The results

The energy-from-waste facility processes 50,000 tonnes of residual waste – domestic and commercial – each year and generates 10% of the island’s electricity.

The island’s energy-from-waste facility has the capacity to process all residual waste from local homes and businesses. It is also equipped to dispose safely of clinical wastes from hospitals and medical facilities.

Other challenging waste streams have been added. Energy is successfully and safely recovered from old tyres and bio‑waste from sewage treatment.

A visitor and education centre at Richmond Hill welcomes around 1,000 school children and other visitors each year.

waste processed each year
megawatt hours
energy generated
of island's power needs met from waste
Report | SUEZ Isle of Man Annual Public Report 2022