The mission

To manage peak demand smoothly throughout the tournament

The influx of fans for the iconic tennis tournament stretches the capabilities of both partners’ local staff for a fortnight each summer.


Our team has accumulated eight years’ hands-on experience meeting the particular demands of Wimbledon. It has proven the value of engaging with the Young’s management team in the run-up to the tournament to gain a clear understanding of the service needs of each site in the area.

Our solution

Setting the baseline for customised service

Through close consultations with pub and hotel managers, SUEZ agreed the additional containers required at each site for the period to account for the increase in recyclable and non-recyclable waste being produced, and carefully decide on additional scheduled collections.


Our service covers all the most important waste streams for Young’s – glass, food, dry mixed recyclables and general trade waste.


Each crew is issued with clear instructions to ensure that collections happen on schedule during peak trading periods, in order to not impact the operation of the pub or hotel whilst also minimising disturbance to Young’s clientele and neighbours.

The results

Teamwork serves up a seamless service

The expertise and commitment of our local team ensures that the service runs smoothly and cost-effectively for each of the 14 days of the village pubs’ peak period.


Young’s and SUEZ have been working collaboratively to ensure that all pubs and hotels are using the correct containers and segregating their materials to improve performance. This is not limited to the locations closest to Wimbledon Village but the full portfolio of sites that SUEZ collects from.


We have been able to improve the overall recycling rate from 54% in 2014, to now continuously maintaining an average of 70% month on month.

SUEZ has been organising my waste requirements during Wimbledon for a number of years now, ensuring we have enough containers and collections throughout the two-week period.
The smooth running of planning and collecting my waste ensures myself and my staff can concentrate on delivering an excellent experience to our customers.

Nicky Green-General Manager, The Rose and Crown | Young's

pubs and hotels
served in Wimbledon village
recycling rate, increased from 54% in 2014