To develop a sustainable and responsible supply chain

John Scanlon, Chief Executive Officer for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK
Sustainability is the only business case - for our company, and ultimately, for the Earth, economy and everyone. And, we are committed to improve the environmental, social and economic impact of our supply chain year-on-year.
John Scanlon , Chief Executive Officer | SUEZ recycling and recovery UK



Annual spend with suppliers



Sustainable procurement policy

SUEZ is working for a radically new, smarter and sustainable management of resources and it is important that we make commitments and provide sustainable solutions. This policy describes how we will work with our supply chain to deliver sustainable outcomes through our procurement activity.


We will do this by:

  • minimising or eliminating any negative environmental impacts linked to goods and services purchased, and promoting goods and services with positive environmental impacts where feasible.
  • managing and monitoring supply chains to ensure that fair contract prices and terms are applied and that ethical human rights and employment standards are met.
  • partnering and collaborating with suppliers to achieve both value for money from our contracts across the whole life of the product or service, and to promote innovation.

Supplier code of conduct

In this supplier code of conduct, we have outlined our expectations with relation to sustainability, safety and business ethics and we expect all our suppliers to comply with and replicate these practices with their own supply chain. It outlines our expectations in regards to business ethics, people, sustainable environment and monitoring and compliance.

Preventing modern slavery in the supply chain

SUEZ are aware of the risks of modern slavery in the supply chain and are working with our suppliers to mitigate these risks. We have written this guide to support our suppliers in preventing modern slavery in their own supply chains.

Terms and conditions of purchase

All purchases are subject to our terms and conditions.