The mission

Our customer's primary goal was to improve their environmental performance across their European manufacturing sites. By partnering with a resource management specialist our customer wanted to develop a standardised approach that maximises recycling volumes and ensures that waste management performance is consistent at all sites.

Our solution

SUEZ.scope™ worked with the customer at their manufacturing sites in three European countries, drawing on local compliance and operational expertise, to identify key measures enabling waste management standardisation and driving stakeholder engagement.


A report was generated for each site, which outlined areas where improvements could be implemented to adhere to the new European working standard.


In addition, each site was given access to a dashboard where they can compare their current and historic performance against the rest of the group.

The results

Thanks to a dashboard developed by SUEZ.scope™, any issues at a site level can be highlighted, actioned and communicated to all stakeholders, allowing changes to be made instantly and minimising the impact on operations. The actions can be tracked by our customer's corporate team and reported at group level to provide a group-wide performance comparison. This approach ensures best practice is quickly and effectively shared and adopted by all sites.


The collaboration between SUEZ.scope™ and our customer highlighted common problem areas across the sites, meaning training and procedural support can now be developed for site leaders to implement.


Investment decisions can now be made based on evidence which allows funds allocation based on site priorities. The dashboard will be incorporated into a group-wide performance reporting, which is regularly shared with, and monitored by the European Operational Director.

SUEZ.scope™ works with local experts in three European countries
key performance measures
The customer's new European waste management standardisation tool has 15 key performance measures
We have found that the dashboard developed by SUEZ.scope™ has helped bring us together as the operational team across Europe.

We are able to address our key issues and resolve problems rapidly and with the best solutions.


We consider this standardisation process to be crucial to our ongoing drive for continuous improvement, and it will be a key reporting tool for all European sites and directors in the future.

Technical and Product Manager for Europe-