Carbon webinar series

Reducing emissions in the waste sector - the opportunities and challenges

The waste and resources sector has reduced the carbon footprint of the waste it manages for its customers by 69% over the last two decades, mainly through diversion from landfill into recycling and energy from waste. Going forward, we need to continue and accelerate this journey, but the solutions to deliver what is already a complex system are even more complex.

Part of this journey is promoting the waste hierarchy and using new and emerging value chain collaborations to deliver innovative solutions for our customers.

We should not forget our own operations, from reducing travel and resource consumption to making our recycling and energy recovery processes more efficient and exploring innovative ways of working. However, big questions stand out ...

  • How do we design the transition?
  • What priorities are deliverable on the ground and how effective will they be?
  • Will it be driven by, or held back by, current and emerging policy, government practice and habit?


Why should you attend?

Learn more about:

  • Our current footprints, activities and the policy and practice of today, giving context to other parts of the system and our daily lives.
  • What we can and what we need to do for our customers as we manage their waste production, including how we can empower change in them, as well as in improving the management of the waste they produce.
  • What we, as businesses in the waste and resource sector, can do, what we can change or needs to change, what needs to happen to deliver that change, and when can it all be delivered.


Who should attend?

  • Local Authority representatives
  • Brands and businesses with strong sustainability agenda
  • Anyone interested in the topic of the decarbonisation of the waste industry


This webinar series is designed to deliver a clear understanding of the sector today, as well as highlighting key considerations of what we need to do going forward.

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