Circular economy

WRAP Textiles 2030 signatories announcement

John Scanlon, CEO of SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, said:

"As WRAP’s research shows, 2020 has seen many people re-evaluate their buying habits as they look for ways to reduce their impact on our environment, including through the clothes they buy. A move away from a make-use-dispose culture to a more circular model is only possible when organisations from across the value chain come together, and we’re proud to join many well-known high street brands and charities, to be the first recycling and waste management company to sign up to WRAP’s ambitious Textiles 2030 agreement.

"By working together over the next decade, I’m confident we can build on the progress made so far to transform the UK’s clothing and home fabrics industry to one where products are produced sustainably and designed with end of life in mind, so they can be used for longer and recycled into new products when this is no longer possible, to create a truly circular textiles industry."