The fixing revolution: SUEZ partners with Repair Week 2023 as main sponsor

SUEZ today announced that it has partnered with Repair Week 2023 as the main sponsor, in collaboration with organisers ReLondon.

Repair Week is an annual celebration of repair and takes place this year in London 20-26 March, with over 50 repair workshops to help people gain, grow and perfect their repairing skills – saving money and helping fight climate change.

For the first time, Repair Week will also be expanding to Greater Manchester – Recycle for Greater Manchester (R4GM) is joining in by promoting repair skills and opening the doors to the Renew Hub, a large-scale re-use project which sees hundreds of tonnes of pre-loved items given a new lease of life every year, in partnership with SUEZ.

SUEZ is partnering with Repair Week to highlight the importance of repair in the circular economy model. Repair is a growing part of SUEZ’s offering and it aims to make repair more accessible and generate economic, environmental, and social value as part of the circular economy.

Repair sits with re-use at the top of the waste hierarchy – together they prevent items becoming waste and keep them in their original form to be used again.

As Greater Manchester welcomes Repair Week for the first time, R4GM, part of Greater Manchester Combined Authority, will be promoting repair skills and opening the doors to the Renew Hub. The Hub sees hundreds of tonnes of pre-loved items which would otherwise have gone to waste brought in for repair and resale – with the money raised going back to good causes in the local community.

Dr Adam Read, Chief External Affairs and Sustainability Officer at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, said:

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Repair Week this year to highlight the importance of repair, giving people practical skills and encouraging greater use of existing repair services. Repair is a fundamental element of the circular economy and a key component in our fight against climate change. Repair Week brings together businesses, boroughs and communities to inspire and enable people to repair more items that would usually be thrown away. We’re hoping to prove that much of what people think they should throw out can easily be repaired and have a second life.”

Ali Moore, Head of Communications and Behaviour Change at ReLondon, said:

“Repair Week has gone from strength to strength over the past three years, and this year we’re delighted to have SUEZ on board as a partner, helping us to expand the week to Manchester for the first time ever. At a time when cost pressures are being felt by so many people, being able to repair our stuff is an incredibly helpful skill to have – but it’s also vital to support local repair businesses when we can’t fix things ourselves, which can provide local jobs and help build more resilient, sustainable communities. The growth of Repair Week, with over 50 events taking place across London this year as well as several in Manchester, is testament to the fact that people are more interested than ever in taking care of their stuff while saving money (and potentially the planet) in the process.”

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