Your challenges

The pressure to achieve economies in healthcare is relentless, particularly in the state sector. Regulations on the handling and dispose of wastes – from sharps to pharmaceutical, and hygiene to radioactive – are necessarily strict. While procedures for managing these wastes may put safety first, opportunities to improve efficiency are often overlooked.

Similar challenges apply to industrial and domestic water systems, as well as their potentially confusing framework of legislation and best practice guidance. For many hospitals, improvements in the way their water systems are designed and managed can be a significant and under-exploited opportunity to achieve savings while also ensuring full compliance.

At the same time, healthcare managers need to show a commitment to sustainability and minimising waste in all areas.

Our solutions

SUEZ helps NHS hospitals and other healthcare premises improve the sustainability and efficiency of their industrial and domestic water systems, and their waste management.

Our water solutions achieve environmental benefits while reducing the operating costs of treatment plants for water and effluent. They include:


  • Advanced water purification systems for applications ranging from low-volume laboratory units to high-flow ring-main solutions for sterile services, decontamination and renal dialysis departments.
  • Protection against waterborne, hospital-acquired infections using chemicals developed by our highly qualified chemists to eliminate pathogens such as Legionella.
  • Greater energy efficiency and cost savings from our range of engineered chemicals and dosing systems for boiler, cooling and hot and cold-water systems.
  • Training in best practice safety protocols and processes for water systems in healthcare environments.

Our waste management service is comprehensive too. We audit waste flows and existing practices, and design a tailored solution – so it supports the efficiency of your operations as well as safeguarding staff, patients and public.

We will ensure the safe and compliant segregation, storage, carriage, treatment and disposal of all wastes, including:


  • General waste and recyclables.
  • Hygiene waste.
  • Pharmaceutical waste.
  • Hazardous waste
  • Radioactive waste.
  • Sharps.

Our expertise

With more than 40 years’ experience managing water and waste, SUEZ in the UK can also draw on a bank of world-leading expertise within our global group.

We offer the widest range of water purification systems, chemicals, training and support services available from a single source. This enables us to guarantee exceptional levels of water quality, safety and hygiene.

SUEZ also has the specialist expertise and national network of facilities to put wastes to good use, as well as assuring complete compliance.

Our waste expertise extends from segregation and logistics to treatment and operation of facilities for processing hazardous wastes, including high-temperature incineration.

Our staff are highly experienced in catering for the demands of hospitals, clinics, dentists, nursing homes, and all generators of healthcare waste of whatever size.

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