What is off-site shredding?

When confidential waste is taken off-site for shredding, access needs to be closely controlled at each stage of the process.
Confidential waste is collected by our secure vehicles, which are tracked and alarmed.

Secure shredding operatives – who are vetted, uniformed and wearing an ID badge – identify themselves to reception upon arrival at the customer’s site.

The confidential materials are collected in lockable containers. These containers are scanned to enable tracking and the operative loads them into the vehicle.

Once all containers are loaded, the operative requests the customer’s signature on a handheld device as proof of collection.

The containers are transported to a secure shredding facility monitored by CCTV. Once unloaded, the confidential materials are shredded and baled.

All shredded paper is sent for recycling to paper mills, where it is turned into tissue products.

An electronic certificate of destruction confirming secure disposal is emailed to the customer.