What is on-site shredding?

Organisations can choose to have their confidential waste processed at their premises before the material is taken away for recycling.
Confidential waste is collected and processed using our purpose-designed secure shredding vehicle.

On its arrival on site, confidential waste bins are brought out to the vehicle. The bins are identified, weighed and then lifted inside a retractable bin tunnel.

To enhance security, the vehicle is equipped to open the lids and tip the bins automatically, without any human intervention.

Once the paper is in the hopper, it goes through two powerful shredders. This machine can either operate in standard mode (strip cut) or in high-security mode (cross cut), depending on the customer’s requirements.

The shredded material is then pushed inside the vehicle where up to six tonnes of paper can be stored. Once full, the vehicle goes to a baling facility where the material is unloaded quickly and efficiently using the vehicle’s walking floor and formed into bales.

The bales of shredded paper are sent to a paper recycling mill, where it is pulped and de-inked, producing recycled fibres that can then be turned back into paper.

This paper can be used for items such as tissues or hand and industrial towels.