The mission

Incumbent waste service provider replaced without impacting site operations

The newly formed partnership will see SUEZ deliver a total waste management service at two manufacturing sites in the UK, where a number of the best known UK brands are produced from initial manufacture through to being packaged ready for the shelf.


Uninterrupted operations was a critical success factor of the mobilisation process due to the impact any production outage would have on the company and its supply chain, the high numbers of employees, and complexity of the waste streams – forecasted at 10,500 tonnes generated annually from approximately 40 different waste streams.



forecasted annual waste generation
different waste streams

Our solution

Effective mobilisation maintains uninterrupted operations

The mobilisation process was specifically designed to deliver a staggered transition period, to enable SUEZ to maintain full control throughout the process and continue with effective communication to employees and suppliers on site.


A dedicated market delivery support manager within SUEZ was assigned to manage the communications pertaining to the mobilisation process with support from the experienced mobilisation team. Consistent communication between SUEZ, other suppliers and site managers included daily meetings and structured calls, ensuring visibility and rapid query resolution during the process.


The strong relationship between the incumbent and SUEZ allowed flexibility when the new waste solutions were identified. This meant that existing containers could be used until new ones were available, which also maximised value for the customer, with containers being emptied only when they were full.

The results

The planned approach to mobilisation and open communication has meant that the two sites have been successfully transferred and now receive total waste management services from SUEZ, without suffering any disruption to their service.

Cost savings

SUEZ has delivered significant annual cost savings for the customer, including £20,000 cost avoidance for liquid product removal, and reduced pallet costs saving a further £2,500.

Compliance and legislation

Legislation dictated a change due to the Environmental Agency’s stance on a waste stream which was difficult to dispose of. To ensure compliance, SUEZ identified a local, alternative outlet for waste streams which had the added benefit of supporting the local economy, minimising transportation requirements and therefore reducing the carbon footprint of the waste stream.

Continuous improvement

Regular monthly and quarterly meetings at the sites have continued post-mobilisation to maintain and develop relationships with the site and management stakeholders.


cost avoidance for liquid product removal


pallet cost reduction
sites with new waste management service without operational impact